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Private Pilates Training Mesa AZ

Pilates helps my clients with:

✓ Improved posture
✓ Improved flexibility
✓ Improved balance
✓ Increased strength
✓ Stronger core
✓ Decreased back pain
✓ Running is less painful
✓ Getting healthy and feeling fabulous
✓ Loving the low-impact workouts
✓ With athletic performance during competition
✓ More rotation and improved tennis, golf, or pickleball game
✓ Being challenged mentally and physically while working out
✓ Getting a good workout without thinking about what to do
✓ Exercising safely while rehabbing from an injury
✓ The low-impact feel of this high-impact workout

"You will feel better in ten sessions,
look better in twenty sessions, and have
a completely new body in thirty sessions."

A consistent Pilates practice will change your life forever, and I am here to help you on your journey.

Over the years I have personally tried almost every method of exercise and fell head over heels in love with Pilates. I went into the studio with my daughter because her doctor suggested it due to back pain. To be honest, I went into my intro class skeptical because I have always loved fasted paced exercises and power moves. My opinion changed quickly after a few classes. Pilates has so much to offer, and it is a hidden gem that gets better the more that you practice it.

Benefits of Private Pilates Training

Kristin Tetlow Pilates Instructor

1 Private, one-on-one sessions, give me the ability to get to know you and your body, so I can create a program that meets all of your individual wants and needs. Taking into account your strength, flexibility, injury, illness, aches/pains, and overall health.

2 As a Pilates professional, my goal is to safely guide you through Pilates exercises, so you can feel every amazing benefit that Pilates has to offer.

3 In a private, one-on-one session, I am able to give you my undivided attention. This allows me to focus on you and your breathing, technique, strengths, and weaknesses.

4 As a Pilates professional, my goal is to safely guide you through Pilates exercises, so you can feel every amazing benefit that Pilates has to offer.

5 My motto is to modify exercises to fit the body in front of me and that is much easier to do in a private, one-on-one session.

take control of your health

take control of your health


Take Control of your Health

55-minute session customized around your objectives and with your body in mind. Private sessions provide the full studio experience and are ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels. 

Kristin’s private studio is located in Mesa, AZ

In-home sessions are possible for the regular hourly fee plus travel time. Contact me for a quote.

Single Session


10 Private Sessions


Single Duet Session

($55 per person)

10 Duet Sessions


The Pilates Method Focuses On:

Pilates Helps you be centered


All movements originate from the center of the body.
Pilates Control your body


Control is essential to the quality of every movement.
Pilates takes concentration


The mind-body connection is at the very core of Pilates.
Pilates precision


Precise moves increases the efficiency of each move.
Pilates Breathing


Proper breathing enhances core engagement and muscular control.
Pilates Flow


Constant flowing movement challenges muscles more than other methods of exercise.
Pilates Awareness


Feeling the body’s alignment, movement, and positioning throughout the workout.


Improving the overall attitude, outlook, and happiness of participants.

My Pilates Studio

In my studio I offer one-on-one sessions utilizing classic Pilates equipment; including the Reformer w/ Tower, the Wunda Chair, and the Spine Corrector.  I also include many useful props: like the Magic Circle, the Reformer Jump Board, Balls, Booty Bands, TRX, Ballet Barre, Bosu, Stability Ball, small weights, and a corner CXT1000 machine.  

My studio is located in Mesa, Arizona, but if you would rather not come to my studio I can travel to you for onsite training if you have some Pilates equipment.

Private Pilates Training Mesa AZ

History of Pilates

“Pilates” was developed by Joseph Pilates, born in 1880 in Germany. His father was a gymnast and his mother a naturopath. Joseph was very ill as a child (asthma, sunken chest, physical limitations). As he became a young man he made it his goal to overcome these weaknesses.  His plan was to strengthen and rehabilitate his body through physical fitness and muscular conditioning. He practiced many of the physical training regimens available in Germany and began to develop his own method.

In early 1912, Joseph left Germany to train as a professional boxer in England in addition to working as a circus performer and teaching self-defense to Scotland Yard detectives. During WWI, he was imprisoned in an England internment camp for German nationals. While there, he began rehabilitating injured soldiers. He positioned springs above hospital beds to create resistance.  This allowed patients to exercise while laying on their back recuperating, rather than growing weak from inactivity.  

He returned to Germany, quickly deciding to move to America. During his trip to America in 1923, he met his wife, Clara.  The couple established his first studio in New York, which became very successful, and he began to think about his method on a larger scale.  He named his method “Contrology” as he said it develops the body uniformly, corrects posture, restores physical vitality, and invigorates the mind and spirit.  Later, the practice of “Contrology” became known as “Pilates”.

From his experience and research, he found there was a clear connection between physical and mental health, so he developed this system of exercises and equipment (apparatus) intended to strengthen the human body and mind.

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